Carpets are one of the dirtiest things in our homes. They can easily hide bugs, mould, skin flakes, and other allergens. In fact, studies show that one square inch of carpet can have 200,000 bacteria

One way to make sure your carpets are clean and sanitary is by getting them regularly cleaned. 

Do you want to learn more about carpet and upholstery cleaning? Keep reading these 5 signs that you need carpet cleaning. 

1. Dull or Stained Carpets

One of the main reasons that you need to clean your carpets is if your carpets look dull or stained. Because carpet gets so much daily wear and tear, you may notice when it starts wearing out, especially in high-traffic areas of your home. 

However, your carpet shouldn’t look stained or discoloured. If you notice that your carpet is no longer fluffy and soft and looks more worn out than normal, cleaning your carpets can help!

In fact, even carpets that seem faded or have stains can have the colour brought back with professional cleaning. If you notice that your carpets are not the same colour as they used to be or if they just don’t look new anymore, you should schedule a professional cleaning

You can also see how dirty your carpets are by moving furniture that has been in the same place for a long time. This way, you can see what colour the original carpet was that was beneath your furniture. 

2. Your Carpet Smells Bad

Something else that might be a sign that you need to get your carpets cleaned is that they have a bad odour. If you notice a strange smell when you come into your home and you can’t identify the source, it might be coming from your carpets.

Because carpets are typically near the entrance of our homes, it is easy to track things from outside. This often includes things like dirt, oil, sweat, and even animal droppings. Carpets can also absorb water or other spills, which may lead to mould or mildew growth

One reason that these make your carpet smell bad is that carpets are extremely absorbent. When you vacuum or use a floor cleaner, you might end up scrubbing whatever is causing the odour further into the carpet. 

By getting a professional to clean your carpets, you can remove the odour from your carpets to make your home smell fresh!

3. You Have Never Had Professional Cleaning

Next, you should get your carpets cleaned if they have never had a professional cleaning. Even if you don’t notice any signs that your carpets are dirty or that they smell bad, there can be things trapped in your carpet that you cannot see. 

If you have never gotten your carpets cleaned, you might be surprised at how much comes out of them!

You also must get your carpets cleaned if you live in a rental. You have no idea what the previous tenants may have done to the carpet and you should get your carpets cleaned so that you have a fresh start. 

Once you get your carpets cleaned the first time, it is a good idea to start getting your carpets cleaned at least twice a year. This will keep them vibrant and soft for years to come!

4. You Have Kids or Pets

Another reason why you might need to hire carpet cleaners is if you have kids or pets. Typically, this will mean that you have more messes in your home and that there are more accidents or spills. 

Pets often bring mud, poop, or other things into your home from their paws. They may even have bathroom accidents in your home, which can easily get trapped in your carpet and cause stains, odour, and more. 

Children wearing shoes in your home can take a toll on your carpet and kids may cause other stains from markers, nail polish, or anything else in your home. 

By hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you can stay proactive and keep your carpets in great shape. This will prevent your carpet from being permanently damaged. When you have children or pets, you must use carpet cleaning as part of your regular home maintenance. 

This will also extend the life of your carpet, especially in areas of your home that have a lot of traffic.

5. You’re Dealing With Allergies or Sickness

Finally, you should get your carpets cleaned if you are dealing with seasonal allergies or if you find yourself regularly getting sick. As was mentioned before, it is easy for things like pollen, dust mites, allergens, and bacteria to get trapped in the fibres of your carpet. 

If you haven’t cleaned your carpets in a while, you may find that you have increased symptoms or that you get sick more often. 

Getting your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner will ensure that anything causing your allergies or sickness to flare up will be removed. 

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There are many reasons that you should get your carpets cleaned, even if you don’t have any visible marks or staining. Whether you have children or pets or if you are dealing with allergies, clean carpets will help your house feel fresh and clean. 

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