The sofa is the focal point of your living room. They are one of the most heavily trafficked areas of the home—sitting on them, laying on them, eating on them, memories made on them. But when was the last time you cleaned yours? 

Sofas require routine maintenance and cleaning, but they are often neglected. Bacteria, crumbs, and dust all accumulate quickly in your sofa, and a dirty sofa can even impact the quality of your home’s air. Sofa cleaning is a very important component of keeping a clean home.

If you are ready to give your sofa a deep clean, keep reading for everything you will need to know. 

Importance of Regular Sofa Cleaning

Sofas are one of the biggest investments in your home. An average sofa can cost several thousand pounds, and regular upholstery cleaning keeps it in mint condition for longer. 

Not only are they costly, but sofas are also very heavily used. Think back on how much you used your sofa this past month—movie nights, sick days, lazy afternoons, binging your favourite TV show, wine night with a friend… The flow of traffic is almost constant. 

A dirty sofa can harbour more than just crumbs, it can also be detrimental to your health. Hiding beneath the surface can be allergens, dust mites, bacteria, and even mould! These particles can make you and your family sick. 

Semi-regular vacuuming and spot treatments can keep your sofa fresh between deep cleans, but a routine thorough clean is still needed. Plan to deep clean your sofa at least once or twice a year to keep your sofa looking fresh. 

How to Clean Your Sofa

To keep your couch fresh between deep washes, lightly vacuum whenever you are vacuuming the floors. This prevents you from needing to get the vacuum out another time and will get rid of any crumbs from your last movie night.

Spot clean any stains as soon as possible after they happen. It is best to address these quickly to prevent the stain from setting in. 

Now, for the big clean. 

Depending on the material of your sofa, you may have to use a few different cleaners. Different materials will have different needs, and you will not want to accidentally damage your sofa. Be sure to spot test any cleaner before using it.

Continue reading for more information on the different ways to clean your sofa. 

Fabric Upholstery 

You will want to invest in a decent steam cleaner for fabric upholstery cleaning. A steamer can deeply penetrate the surface of your fabric sofa and can lift stains and kill germs. 

After this, give your sofa a good vacuuming to remove any residual dust or dirt. Be sure to get underneath the cushions too, as lots of crumbs and dust can hide down there.

Next, work on any remaining stains. After spot testing your chosen upholstery cleaner, apply to the stain and gently dab. If your fabric sofa covers are removable, you may even be able to machine wash them, but be sure to check the manufacturer’s tag. 

For anything that isn’t removable, such as armrests, you may want to use an extraction cleaner that can pull any dirt out of the fabric. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions, as any solvent-only fabrics require a professional cleaner. 


Leather sofas will need a more gentle approach, as a steam cleaner or an extraction cleaner may damage them. 

Gently wipe down your leather sofa with a microfibre cloth and follow up with a gentle vacuuming. Again, be sure to get deep into any crooks and crannies that may be hoarding dirt and grime. 

You will not want to use any heavily-stripping cleaners on your leather sofa. Buy a cleaner that is specifically intended for use on leather upholstery. These cleaners can remove any stains or dirt without stripping the leather, and will keep it conditioned. 

Once cleaned, you will just need to dry it off with a fresh microfibre towel. You can also apply a leather conditioning cream to help keep your leather upholstery healthy. 


suede couch will need a bit more care. Start with a thorough vacuuming. Remove cushions if possible, and be sure to get between any crevices. 

After vacuuming, begin working on any stains. You can buy speciality suede brushes for cleaning upholstery to revive the look of your coach. Be gentle on your suede. 

Avoid soaking your suede sofa. If your coach requires a deep all-over clean, it is a good idea to call a professional. 

Consider Hiring a Professional 

Professionals are able to alleviate a lot of the work of sofa cleaning. A professional will be trained on how to correctly clean the specific material of your sofa without causing any damage. 

A professional upholstery cleaner will also use speciality equipment, which can ensure a deep clean without you needing to invest in expensive equipment yourself. There is no need to invest in a steamer or an extraction cleaner, or any speciality soaps. 

Professionally cleaning your upholstery can reduce odours and pet dander in the air, remove deeply set-in stains, and increase the lifespan of your sofa. Additionally, a professional cleaning can drastically reduce the dry time of your sofa.  

There are so many benefits to hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service ! It is a more efficient and cost-effective way to keep your sofa fresh, all with much less work on you. 

Time to Clean Your Sofa

Your sofa is the centrepiece of your home. So much life happens on the couch, and your couch needs regular maintenance and cleaning to stay fresh and functional. Bacteria, crumbs, and dust can quickly accumulate on your sofa, which routine cleaning can prevent.

Consider a professional upholstery cleaning today for all your sofa cleaning needs. To read more about carpet and upholstery cleaning, visit our blog