What daily use item do many of us rarely think about when cleaning?

The answer is upholstered furniture. True, we can’t just throw it in the wash. But it takes a lot of hammers and needs some love to keep it looking its best.

Regularly calling in an upholstery cleaning service can also help to extend the life of your furniture. But exactly how often should you call them in?

Let’s take a closer look.

How Often Should You Get Your Upholstery Cleaned?

Important research has revealed that the average sofa will witness 2,728 spillages and be slept on 191 times in its lifetime. Add to that thousands of hours of sitting and other activities, and it’s easy to see why our upholstery needs a regular clean.

Exactly how often you should clean it depends on how you use it.

Do you live on your own, have no pets, and eat all your meals at the dining room table? You can probably get away with cleaning your upholstery once a year.

Let’s think of the other end of the scale — a family with a few small kids.

Throw in a dog, a cat, and a rabbit, plus plenty of takeaways eaten on the couch. This family will probably benefit from a 6-monthly clean. More frequently might well be needed.

One way to check is to take a white flannel and rub it over the arms and backs of your sofa. If it’s grey and grimy, it’s time to start searching for upholstery cleaners near me.

Why Use an Upholstery Cleaning Service?

For most of us, home furniture cleaning consists of a quick run around with a Hoover attachment.

That’ll get rid of biscuit crumbs and unearth the odd twenty pence piece. But for all the other thrills and spills we put our settees through, we need an upholstery cleaning service.

Kills Bacteria

Google upholstery cleaning companies near me, and you’ll find that they use products and machines that give you a true, deep clean.

This includes specialist chemicals and the hot water extraction method. This will suck out all the nasties that are lurking invisibly in your upholstery.

Superior Stain Removal

Stains happen to all of us, but getting them out can be a nightmare. A professional sofa cleaning company will spot treat all stains and remove them for good.

Extend the Life of Furniture

With a mid-range sofa costing between £400-£1,200, it makes economic sense to extend the life of your current couch. 

Regular visits from the best upholstery cleaning service near you will mean a sofa that looks great and lasts years longer.

Choose Alliance as Your Upholstery Cleaning Service

To keep our sofas clean and vibrant, we should all be calling an upholstery cleaning service near me every 6 to 12 months. But make sure you choose an upholstery cleaning service that really delivers on service and value.

At Alliance Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. Our experienced team provide a fully insured service. We’ll only accept payment when you are completely satisfied with the job done. 

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