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Professional Upholstery Cleaners Tyne & Wear

Sofas are usually one of the most expensive items we buy for our homes. So why trust an untrained operator with poor equipment to clean them and possibly leave them soaking wet and unusable for days? You won’t believe how good we can make your Sofas look once more using our Hot Water Extraction method. Here at Alliance we use a multi process cleaning system of which you can see the details below. Unfortunately, most companies skip the majority of these steps to increase their profit margin. You can bank on us to do the job efficiently and thoroughly.

How much does it cost to get a sofa cleaned?

If it’s a general buildup of grime and dirt or a big unsightly stain, a professional upholstery cleaner may be able to do a better job than you, no matter how much it costs. Expert cleaners have superior equipment, professional quality detergents, the requisite preparation, and the expertise and ability to select the right solution to any sofa cleaning task. So, how much do local sofa cleaners ask for their services?

Many factors can affect the prices of cleaning a sofa. Local cleaners can bill for their services based on work size, sofa condition, special care, and sofa style. You would almost certainly pay less for a smaller sofa than for a larger sofa. It would also rely on whether you want your sofa washed using dry cleaning or hot water extraction, but applying stain protection to the process will cost you some extra money. You will also incur additional charges if your sofa is coated in a fragile material.

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We identify the fabric and any issues this could cause. We choose the correct solutions and cleaning method to avoid any potential damage to the fabric.

A Pre Vacuum with our commercial vacuum cleaner removes dry soiling from deep within the sofa pile, this is one of the most vital steps for a thorough clean (one which is often skipped by many cleaners)

A Pre-Spray is then applied to the fabric to break down soiling, we will pay particular attention to heavily soiled areas.

Spots and stains highlighted in the pre-inspection are then treated.

The Pre-spray is then agitated with an agitation machine or drill brush.

We then use suitable chemicals to thoroughly rinse and extract any remaining soil from the fabric, the chemicals we use will leave the carpet with no sticky residue and also leave it in a PH neutral state which is safe for family & pets.

The pile of the fabric is then hand groomed with a pile brush, this aids drying times.

Dri-pod air movers are used to speed up the drying process, more often than not due to the power of our extraction machine and techniques used this step is not required.

We will inspect all areas cleaned and make sure you are totally happy with the work carried out before we leave.

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Why should I get my sofa cleaned professionally?

Sofas are constantly exposed to a multitude of contaminants, which may affect the appearance of the furniture. Though it may take a long time for a sofa to get filthy, toxins can be cleaned long before they become noticeable. Here are a few reasons why you should get your sofas professionally washed.

Physical appearance

If dirt and particles remain on upholstery for an extended period, they can accumulate into difficult-to-remove stains. Although these stains can be wiped at any time, they can leave permanent marks that detract from the polished look of the sofa. Professional upholstery cleaning means that the appearance is preserved and that the upholstery will retain its original appearance.

The state of the air

Dust, dander, pet fur, and other contaminants are retained and churned up while someone sits on an upholstered couch, regardless of the cloth type. As a result, the home’s air quality suffers, potentially triggering allergic and asthmatic responses in family members. You should hire specialist upholstery cleaning services to increase the air quality in your house.


You don’t want the upholstery on your furniture to fade. Daily upholstery cleaning aids in removing dust and other contaminants from your cloth, extending the longevity of your upholstered sofa. Professional upholstery cleaning in Tyne & Wear may seem to be a needless expense, but it may save you money in the long run. A daily cleaning regimen extends the life of your furniture, allowing you to save the expense of repeated sofa repairs.

Enhances wellness

Because of the frequent touch with guests in your house, your sofas can become breeding grounds for germs that can endanger your health as well as the health of your neighbors. Hiring a specialist upholstery firm to clean your sofas is your best option for stopping people from being ill. If you respect your family’s welfare, it might be time to start looking for “sofa cleaners near me.”

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How long will my upholstery take to dry?

We like to see upholstery dry within 24 hours of washing, preferably earlier if necessary. Reaching the target can be difficult because the longevity of your upholstery depends on a few factors, some of which you have influence over and others over which you do not. When you learn how to control the temperature, ventilation, and humidity, you can comfortably get your upholstery dry in 6- 8 hours. One of the most effective ways to speed up the during operation is to use faster during tactics such as turning on fans. Additional ventilation into the upholstery can also help to reduce the amount of drying time hours.

When hot water extraction is used to clean your upholstery in Tyne & Wear, you should expect it to take 8-12 hours. When dry cleaning is used, the upholstery can dry in as little as 4-6 hours. A professional upholstery cleaning staff will ensure that you get excellent service while also guiding you to dry your upholstery easily. The fabrics used in the furniture are also important since some absorb more water than others and therefore take longer to dry. Various factors can determine the number of hours it takes for the upholstery to dry. Other factors that influence the drying time of the upholstery include the drying process, ceiling fans, and the season.

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Cracking job by James, managed to get all the stains out the carpet, will highly recommend him

Shaun McCaffery

Fantastic service from start to finish!! Great results, James is so so thorough!!! Will be using again, would 100% recommend

Rebecca Patterson

I Had my sofas and stairs carpet cleaned today. Excellent service and great value. Very professional and I will definitely use again. Thanks James

Dominic Clark

Absolutely amazing job completed today of our living room and stairs. Our carpets look brand new. Amazing service, a lovely lad and prices great too! Thank you James x

Julie Reid

Had my carpets cleaned today and they look brand new! Couldn’t be happier, such an excellent service

Helen Marie